Saturday, October 28, 2023

Beyond summarisation by AI and/or editors- Readers can now interrogate full transcripts of meeting discussions

Over the last two months, a small group of us have been managing a MSC Monthly Online Gathering. In each meeting we have recorded the discussions, then generated a transcript, both using Otter.AI. Then I have used Claude AI, to generate a one-page summary of each discussion. That itself seems likely to be useful to both attendeess and non-attendees. (Though I have yet obtain feedback on this meeting output). You can view two AI summaries of discussions in the October meeting, here:

But why not jump ahead and give people more than a simple feedback opportunity. Let's enable them to question the full text of the transcript, in their own individual way, albeit after being informed about the overall topics covered during the discussion via the AI summaries above. This is now possible using a third party app known as Pickaxe. Here you can design an AI prompt that can then be made publically usable, preloaded with a given discussion transcript.

Here is a link to the two very simple Pickaxe public prompts I have developed that you can now use to interrogate the two discussions. 

AM session 
PM session

You can ask follow up questions, click on "Go to Chat"

If you try these out, I will get feedback, in the form of a visible record of how you used it. You could also provide feedback on this experience, using the Comment function below

Give it a go, now...!

Postscript 31 October

I think the performance of Pickaxe on this task is poor, compared to that of Claue AI on the same task.  I will be disabling this implementation in the next day or so

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